Do you wish to celebrate a major company milestone, the start of a new partnership, to send a special thankyou to your most loyal customers, or to onboard your newest recruits?

Gifting through our premium cases is the best way to show gratitude and inspire your team! Show some love with some corporate gifting!

Personalized gift boxes

We have several gift boxes available with a large selection of different products, which come in wooden or "premium" boxes with soft touch velvet effect and spot varnish. If you don't want to read the whole article, start the configurator up, and let us guide you by clicking below.

How do we make our customers' lives better ?

At SANKS, our experienced team knows how to please your business partners and we will save you time! We can offer you champagne for your events, but we can do more: our experienced team will help and lead you to create a perfect personalized packaging for a gift that resembles you and your company, and to select the most suitable unique items to make an impact on your recipients when they open your parcel.

Nicolas helping customer

The high quality present we will create should reflect your company's identity and its guiding principles. Every element, from the packaging, goods selection, to the print finishes, should appropriately represent your brand and show your personality to potential new customers and long-term employees. You need to make the difference in order to win your partner's loyalty.

Learn more about the multiple possibilities at Sanks and save some time by entrusting us with your gift box for clients or partners.

Customized wooden gift cases

We offer elegant sustainable bespoke wooden cases (made of poplar wood) to display the products and give an authentic and natural touch. The essence of the wood and the shape of the gift boxes have been chosen to ensure high quality and aesthetics.

Single wooden cases

Customized front panel of wooden gift box

Branding of the cases through the personalized marking, etched with a laser or by silk-screen printer to create your unique design.

You can choose to personalize the sides or the inside of the case on request with your brand for instance in order to reinforce the visibility of your company's image if needed.

We also offer you the possibility to add a small custom envelope and a card with your own design and a personalized note which can be included in the box that will be sent to your customer.

The gift cases are available in different formats, ranging from the smaller standard 75 cl bottle to larger formats such as the 1.5 l magnum and the 3 l jeroboam. If you wish to keep this sustainable option and need something different in terms of size, we also have the possibility to make custom sizes.

Wooden box Champagne Magnum Caractère OR
Customized champagne wooden box
Customized gift with champagne bottle

Duo and Trio wooden boxes, or mixed wooden boxes with cardboard wedge

Like for the single gift cases, we offer different branding possibilities: you can customize the lid, sides, and the inside if needed.

Depending on the size of the box, we offer custom sustainable cardboard cushioning or, in the case of several bottles the possibility to secure them with bespoke wedges in the same wood as the box in order to make sure the bottles do not move during transport.

Wooden box for1,2 or 3 bottle case
Customer gift with one bottle of wine and 2 glasses
Customer gift with 3 bottle of champagne grand cru
Cistomer gift with delicious chocolate

What our customers think of our services

Customer with corporate gift SANKS
Customer with a 3 magnum champagne box
Customer with a champagne magnum and a wooden box

Premium cases to personalize

The premium cases are available for one single bottle, with thermoformed cushioning or in duo or trio format with tailor-made cardboard cushioning.

Made of rigid cardboard, they are perfectly suited for individual deliveries if you wish to send one employee gift box to each one of your team members at home for instance... "Soft touch" material (velvet effect) for a silky and very pleasant feel.

We offer you the possibility to personalize the top and sides of your corporate gift box, but also the inside. Hot stamping with different colors and spot varnish for different occasions.

Selective Varnish or hot foil staming example


Customisation Luxe box with 1 bottle or 1 magnum champagne


Discovery gift box with champagne ang glasses


Presentation gift box customizable
Discovery gift box with champagne and chocolate

Flexible cardboard boxes and customization of the bottles

The flexible cardboard boxes are made with light cardboard and can be personalized with hot stamping in different colors and spot varnish. "Soft touch" material (velvet effect) for a silky and very pleasant feel on two sides.

It is an excellent alternative to the other packagings with lower cost, and is remains sustainable. However, these cases are delivered flat and we cannot put an envelope inside.

Flexible carboard boxes
Different ways to customize champagne bottle

Whether you would like to send a message or put a nice illustration, for a special company event or for unique gifting, there are several ways to personalize your bottles. We know that the impact will be stronger because the personalization is discovered by your customer when unwrapping the gift, but also during the tasting of the wine.

SANKS "pre-packaged" corporate gift boxes

Our SANKS champagne packages include the following:

  • Champagne or chocolates selected by SANKS for their gustatory qualities.
  • A premium case with elegant finishing touches
  • A leaflet : explanations of the champagne and tasting advice inside (when possible)
  • Option: A personalized note that you write to accompany the gift.
  • Tracked and insured delivery of your package to your client or employee.
Champagne package closed
Hot stamping champagne corporate gift

Champagne gift cases



Your selected "cuvée"
A premium elegant gift box
Your personalized note
Explanations of the champagne
Direct delivery to client or employee



Magnum (150cl) Cuvée Brut Prestige, Dallancourt
A premium elegant gift box
Your personalized note
Explanations of the champagne
Direct delivery to client or employee



Your selected "cuvée"
Wodden case with custom laser marking
Your personalized note for your client or employee



Your selected "cuvée" (bottle or Magnum)
A premium elegant flexible cardboard case

Customer with SANKS Corporate gift
Client with corporate gift
Employee with SANKS box


Our chocolates come in packs that combine the following:

  • The chocolate composition (a set of chocolates you will choose)
  • The cardboard box with wrapping tissue to secure the products.
  • The leaflet: printed inside to present the products.
  • An envelope, containing your personalized note for your gift addressee.
  • We deliver to the final destination



A Gianduja hazelnuts pack (140g)
A dark chocolate Ghana 68% tablet (85g)
Your personalized note
Direct delivery to final destination



A box with 16 chocolates (128g)
A dark chocolate tablet Ghana 68% (85g)
Your personalized note
Direct delivery to recipient



A box with 30 chocolates (240g)
A dark chocolate tablet Ghana 68%(85g)
A white chocolate vanilla 35% tablet (85g)
Your personalized note
Direct delivery to recipient

Selection and choice of unique products for your corporate gift boxes

At SANKS we are happy to offer different products in our gift sets, even if our core business remains the selection of champagnes. However, offering a coffer with an excellent champagne and a choice of side can be fully realized.

Champagne testing SANKS
preparation of customized boxes
preparation of customized boxes

The selected champagnes

We are able to offer you a wide choice of exquisite champagnes from different terroirs: brut champagnes, blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs, rosés, vintages... We work in close collaboration with French artisans, we know them personally and we promote their unique know-how through our gift boxes for your events, holiday gifts, or any occasion. You will have impact on your partners and customers through your branded gift and we love to help you make the difference.

Vintage champagne

Champagnes bruts
Champagnes millésimés

Champagne blanc de blancs

Champagnes Blanc de blancs
Champagnes Grands crus

Dark grapes

Champagnes Blancs de noirs
Champagnes Rosés

SANKS Champagne range

Selected chocolates and spreads

We are happy to provide our customers with a large range of unique chocolate items that can be paired perfectly with champagne and are appropriate for business gifts. To do this, we have worked with our supplier partners to select excellent dishes that are accessible to all. Whether chocolates, spreads or other French gourmet products, you will have a large choice of qualitative chocolates and your customers will love them!

Selection of foods for business gifts
Selection of business gift chocolates
Box of 16 opened chocolates
Picture of 3 spreads
Box of chocolate becquetés

The other accompaniments:

Creating tailor-made packaging and the wedging inside, we can offer different local products that are tailored to your wishes. Whether it's confectionery, truffles, condiments, goodies…

Together, we design a unique personalized corporate gift that resembles you.